15 August 2015

Browning Sponsored Open, Todber Manor

I had booked in for this match weeks ago and to be honest I was kind of looking forwards to it until I realised 2 things the night before, firstly nearly every peg would be in so it would be tricky unless you were on a handful of pegs that can produce when the venue is pressured, and the match was finishing at 3 o’clock, which meant that the last hour sprint was getting missed.  Since I was booked in however I turned up, and peg 42 stuck in my mitt at the draw.  It meant nothing to me as they have recently changed the pegging at Todber but I was soon looking at old peg 15 I think, I decided on an easy plan:
14.5m paste and shallow pellet,
2+2+half paste
And that was it,  as it turns out my plan should have been get back in van and bugger off but I tried paste across for 3 minutes until I foul hooked a tiny roach, then I fished 4mm pellet shallow for F1’s for 2 and a half hours for a total of about 20lb.  with half the match left I concentrated on the paste line to try and make something happen, it didn’t, total weight about 28lb.

What would I have done differently?
I should have gone home after the draw!! I was thinking about it but after paying £30 in pools I was having a days sitting there.
If I had stayed fishing shallow I would have caught more but I needed a miracle to do any good from that peg in all honesty.

The match was won with a 90lb + weight from somewhere on Park, I didn’t hang around for the results.

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