10 September 2015

Masters Cup 2015, Cudmore fishery

This was the one event of the week that I was not looking forward to as the venue has been in the doldrums of late and I didn’t fancy scratching for nothing in an individual match.  Anyway, breakfast at Maccy D’s, done, short trip to venue, done, get jiffed to help on the boards, done.  This turned out to be a good thing however, as Chas drew me the first peg out of the bag, peg 7 on Panama, the peg that had won the lake the day before, so not too bad then.  I didn’t even need my trolly as it was a short walk from the car to the swim.
Upon getting to it there was a nice edge to my right and a decent far bank that would be in easy reach so I decided that it would be an easy day. Paste short, Margin to my right with paste over groundbait and finally caster shallow across.
I was ready for the all in and I shipped out to my 2+2 line with paste on the hook and waited whilst loose feeding caster across the far side, I was on this line for 40 minutes and managed 3 F1’s in this time, but the bubbling had stopped so I went across on the caster.  I had an Ide of about 6oz’s straight away on banded maggot but then had to start working on the depths to try and find the fish. It was a slow start on the shallow line but the wind changed direction and a scum line came into my swim. Although this made presentation tricky the carp moved in and I managed around 12 over the next couple of hours usually as a quick spurt of fish and then they would back off.  All the time I was feeding my short line and I started feeding the edge 3hours in, just in case, and it was lucky that I did as the sun came out and the fish suddenly became harder to catch and draw into the swim.
I tried resting the shallow line by looking on the other 2 but the carp were done on that line and the Ide were conspicuous by their absence. The last 2 hours of the match were hard work but I put a couple of fish into the net from the paste line and the right hand edge, I couldn’t help but feel that another line was needed but it was too late now.
Paul, Neil and Boris to my right all had a few fish in the final stages and I honestly thought that they had run me close, although they all thought that I had romped it.
The scales came down and Paul had 23, Neil 21 Boris 19 and I had 25Kg, this gave me a section and Lake Win, so I was in with a shot at the trophy providing that no one had done better on Drumble as that was the lake I had wanted to draw due to the size of fish.

Alas History will show that Lance had managed two lumps in the last 20 minutes from Drumble and that was enough for him to win the Masters Cup by a kilo and a bit, I was second, pipping Steve by 50 grams! (Sorry)

What would I do different?

I feel at the end that I needed another line, possibly a pellet or corn line somewhere else in the swim would have given me another fish, I am also not convinced that paste down the edge was the right choice on that lake on that day, Neil and Boris both had a few fish in the last hours when I struggled for bites.
Didn’t know that at the time though and I still won the lake so not too bad.

Tackle used:
Pole, Paste edge and Short:
Elastic: Colmic Red Hollow Edge, Blue Colmic hollow Short (Smaller Carp)
Line: 0.19mm powerline to 0.18mm Cenex
Hook: 5 Tubertini 175, size 4 on short line
Float: Margin, KC Carpa Margin Paste 4X10, Short Dino Paste 0.2g

Elastic: White Hydro
Line: 0.19mm powerline to 0.12mm Cenex
Hook: 20 Guru Pellet waggler with a bait band
Float: Drennan Crystal dibber 0.2g

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