29 April 2011

Orchard Lakes Bank Holiday Open

It was Orchard again for a bank holiday open, and after the customary coffee and bacon butty I drew peg 9 out of the bag, this is 16m wide but all I pulled out of the bag was 3 sections of pole.
3 rigs a paste rig on 0.19-0.17mm bottom and a 12 B911, red Vespe E2 hollow and a 0.5g Maver ice paste float, this was for fishing at 2+1 straight in front in 4 feet of water. I also set up a pellet rig consisting of 0.17mm-0.15mm and a size 16 B911; this again was on red Vespe but the float was a slim bodied Durafloat. I also plumbed up a margin line at 2feet deep on both sides again at 2+1, this was 0.19mm-0.17mm and a 14 Margin Carp, this was on orange E2 hollow and the float was a doctored 0.4g Sconezone Double Deez.

At the all in I shipped straight out and fed 30 4mm pellet over the top, after 5 mins I had my first fish but it was small, and this continued for the first hour with me taking about 10 small carp and a number of tench and bits. I started to suffer numbers of liners as I was loose feeding 6mm pellet over the top so I quickly set up a shallow rig to fish over the top, this consisted of a Sconezone slapper on 0.19mm finishing in an 18 Pr36 with a micro bait band. A 6mm pellet went out and I slapped and fed for about 30 mins, in that time took another 6 carp but then hit a run of skimmers and tench that saw me abandon the 2+1 line completely and I decided to concentrate on the margins. I potted meat and hemp in on both sides and managed to take a few fish but they would not settle, this saw me change the bait I was feeding to pellet and the transformation was instant with numbers of fish attacking the bottom in the edge. Missed bites saw me change to a paste rig and hookbait to increase my bite to fish ratio and I lost a few fish by pulling too hard so swapped my elastic down to a red E2 Hollow. Over the next 2 hours I was able to keep fish coming by feeding a swim and fishing the other and also by swapping between types and consistency of paste on the hook. With an hour left to go I started fishing just on my top 2 to the left of my keepnet and this saw me have a really good catching spell with the fish averaging 3lb and the biggest fish of the day coming in.

At the all out I felt as though I had managed to turn my day around but I did not feel as though I had done enough as the guys to my left and right had seemed to have been bagging all day, that and the fact I was guessing that my 80 carp plus bits would be about 150-170lb, 6 weighs gave me 206lb and second in the match so my poor start had definitely been turned around. This was my first double ton so to say that I was happy was an understatement.

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