01 May 2011

FLE Fishery (formally Greenridge Farm Fishery) Open

So it was off to Greenridge Farm to see if the lessons I had learnt last month would come in handy, it had been decided that we would fish Canals 1&2 and the buzz was pegs 9-11 on Canal 1 and 12 &13 on Canal2 was the place to be. Again my drawing hand was spot on as peg 9 was on the card.

When I looked at my peg I decided on fishing pellet across, paste in the middle and for the margin I decided to try a tactic that I had used at Heronbrook with good effect, it consisted of feeding large quantities of dead maggot and loose groundbait down the edge so a bag of green swimstim was mixed, 2 and 4mm pellet got softened and my expanders got pumped. My rig for across consisted of 0.15mm mainline and a 0.13mm bottom to an 18 B911, this had a 4X12 Big ‘H’ Border float and was rigged on yellow Vespe E2 hollow elastic. This was nice and soft to try and stop the fish bolting along the far bank, however, it was set on a puller bung to allow me to get control of the fish close in. My paste rig started a s a KC Carpa Margin set at 4ft but due to the stiffening wind later got changed to a 4X14 Big ‘H’ Paste on 0.19mm mainline and 0.17mm bottom with a 10 Drennan Margin Carp, this was set on red Vespe E2 hollow. And finally down the edge it was a doctored 0.4g Sconezone Double Deez on 0.19mm main to a 0.17mm bottom and the same hook as the paste rig but in a size 14, this was set on Orange Vespe E2 Hollow to try and control any bigger fish that I may have caught quickly.

At the all in I cupped some hemp and pellet in on my 11.5m paste line before shipping across to the far bank with a kinder cup of 2mm pellet and a 4mm expander on the hook, I managed a couple of quick carp before the Topmouth Gudgeon became a problem and a change to 4mm pellet in the toss pot saw another 2 carp in the net. After an hour the wind however increased and saw an increased amount of wind tourette’s that saw me decide to try the paste line, due to the fact it was facing slightly into the stiffening wind rig control was tricky but I had a quick Carp before I decided to start a new line at the same distance downwind in my swim. This improved matters and I had another carp, but a short line between float and pole was causing problems, I changed rigs and had a bit more line andf weight down the line, this instantly gave me two more fish before I overfed the swim and fizzing became a real problem.

Because of this and the fact it was now halfway through the match I started feeding my margin with pots of groundbait and dead maggot, i also plumbed up a new line at 2+2 straight out for my paste rig and started loose feeding 4mm pellet over the top by hand. The next 2 hours saw me catch 10 carp all but one from the new paste line but with an hour to go I had overfed my swim and started to suffer badly from liners and Topmouth Gudgeon. This saw me lose a couple of fish and the will to fish in the last 20mins so I packed up early for the first time in ages and waited for the weigh in (as I was on scales). Peg 8 had been catching all day as had both the guys to my right, peg 8 won the pond with 80lb, end peg 11 had 79lb, peg 10 and myself were both sat on 48lb 15oz. Basically I came nowhere with over a ton winning the match from the other lake, but I learnt some valuable lessons for the future.

1.    Not all venues respond to the pot it in approach on the paste line, I had more success fishing a line that I could accurately loose feed 4mm pellet by hand.
2.    Don’t feed too much, as soon as I had done this on all my lines the Gudgeon became a problem and fizzing made it tricky to get bites.
3.    To get around the fizzing fish the paste on the slope, requires accurate fishing but is well worth the effort.
4.    Don’t quit, another couple of fish in the last 20 mins could have seen me in the top 5 and 1 fish would have beaten 2 people on my lake!!!

Anyway there is always next time.

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