07 October 2011

AT WL Rd 1 River thames, 02/10/2011

This match coincided with the hottest October in donkeys and we were pegged along fields that were used as park land by the locals, the drive up was uneventful and I had John on board the fishing mobile again so I was really happy when we both drew at Lechlade. I had peg A1 which was just downstream of a building called the round house, the peg numbers had been drawn on Lollypop sticks so finding the swim was the first problem. I found a pleasure angler sat in mine so I asked if he would mind moving upstream slightly and he did laughing as he watched me try to figure out the best place to set up my box. I decided to sit in the water slightly but it left me sat in the left hand extremity of a cattle drink with a 4 foot concrete wall next to my left ear, there was A2 at the other end of the cattle drink 25 yds away but with the lack of flow that was plenty far enough. He had a wooden bridge just downstream of his peg with a rope swing, and there were signs of people all around us (empty cider bottles and general litter).
On plumbing up I found about 7 feet down the middle of the river and 6 feet under the far bank willows at 16m, so I set up the same rigs as last week for the middle line with a 1g Classic 2 for bagging, a 0.8g DS14 for trotting through and a Inter 1 for Hemp. I also set up a 1.5g modified Trio for fishing worm across and also a small waggler on a 4m whip and a waggler rod for down the peg. At the all in I fed 8 balls of ground bait on my 13m line and proceeded to start catching small dace quickly before the bleak appeared and my day mainly consisted of finding the best way to present the bait that the dace would take before the bleak. I found that by feeding a small ball of ground bait I could get a quick run of Dace before the Bleak would return and I would have to top up again. The worm line only produced a few small dace slower than on the Main line and I also spent some time looking for bleak on the whip. I found a size 18 hook best with a single pinkie and was feeding small nuggets of sloppy Super cup every cast on the whip line saw catching very quickly.
It would have been a nice day if it had not been for the people who decided that this was the area that they would waste their day in the sun swimming and jumping off the bridge.

It certainly made things interesting, and the fact that several people further downstream had problems with people stealing kit out of carryalls and holding top kits for ransom for money or water and basically being obnoxious really ruined my day. I ended up with 7lb 4oz that was enough for third in section but I hope that I never have to go there again when the sun shines!!!!!!!

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