22 June 2012

K&A Sping league, 27/06/2012

This was the final round of the spring league and it once again saw us meeting at the Marlborogh town football club, I did the draw and it seemed to be half decent, I even managed to bag myself a fancied end peg that turned out to be the a peg away from where I was the week before.

I could only hope that I had learnt my lessons from last week so I again decided to concentrate on 2 areas, 1 was at 11.5 meters in front in 3feet of water, for this line I set up 2 rigs on no.2 elastic with 0.09-0.06mm line and size 22 B590 hooks, these both had Drennan pinkie floats on, one of 4X12 with strung no.13 shot an inch apart starting at the hooklength knot and the other was a 4 X 10 that had 2 inch gaps. I also set up a skimmer fig that consisted of a strong 4X12 float on 0.1mm mainline and a 0.08mm bottom to a 20 Polemaster wide gape hook, the shotting pattern was a bulk and 3 droppers and this was rigged on no.3 elastic. I also set up a positive worm rig to fish under the tree but this hardly saw any action.

At the all in I fed 3 balls of Browning Etang and Canal mixed 50/50 with a few squats mixed in, then I went straight over the top with my 4X12 pinkie rig. I had a quick response from net roach and a couple of small skimmers so I was soon on my bagging rig but I believe that this is where my day fell over, my swim got stronger for about an hour but then died off suddenly. I tried re feeding quite aggressively but all that this seemed to attract was loads of Crayfish this led to me getting loads of indications but very few fish, the peg that I had been sat on last week at this point went into overdrive fishing small bits of worm under the branches of the tree. I however did not have an answer, at the end of the match I had had a very frustrating day of chasing squatt roach whilst watching the next peg empty the canal of skimmers, but again I learnt alot.

AQs you canm see I managed 5th, and we had 3 of the top 5 in my section, I really need to learn how to catch skimmers!!

We as a team ended up on a high though with a forth on the day pushing us back up into the top ten and we were left wondering what could have been.

Many thanks to Nigel Franks for a brilliant league.

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