28 June 2012

Hordle Lakes 24/06/2012

It was off to a new venue for this one and Hordle lakes were programmed into the sat nav and off I went Via Chris’s house and Maccy D’s. We had enough time to say hi to the guys and have a look around the ponds when we got there and after looking at both of the lakes that were in I fancied a draw anywhere on Willow lake as there seemed to be more water to go at rather than Spring lake that was a snake lake. Chris and I both drew on Willow fortunately with me on 6 and he was on 4, we soon discovered that these were not the permenant peg numbers as I ended up with 4 blank pegs between me and peg 5 to my right, and peg 7 was not drawn out giving me another blank peg to my left... ACRES....

Just to make it the perfect peg there was an island around 25m out in front of me which had carp written all over it, due to the amount of room I decided to keep things simple and spread 3 lines out and around myself. Firstly was the Island, I set up a 30g small Kobra inline method feeder with a size 14 QM1 on 0.20mm Cenex and a bait band o my Force 10ft Bomb rod with an ultimatch reel and 8lb reel line. I also set up a 2 swan Drennan crystal pellet waggler on 4lb line to a 0.18mm bottom and a 16 PR36 hook for fishing a foot deep to the island, the rod for this was an 11ft Force pellet wag 2 and a 030 Xitan front drag reel,  I use this reel as it retrieves over a meter of line a turn which is quite useful for on the pellet wag when the quicker you can get in and out can sometimes make a difference.

After extensive plumbing up I decided to fish a meat line o a 2+2 line at 2 O’Clock to my right, it was about 4 feet deep there and I set the float to fish about an inch over depth just up from the bottom of the shelf. I started with a Preston Inter 1 float on the line with 0.18mm  main line to a 0.14 bottom and on the business end was a size 2 Tubertini 175 as I had heard that there were some bonus fish in this pond. I had this rigged on yellow Browning Reflex elastic through a tension puller kit  so that I could land anything that I hooked on it. My final rig was for paste to fish in front of the platform to my left, I found 4 feet again tight to the pilings and had a quick grope around under the water to see if there were any undercuts to worry about. The answer was no so it was a 4X10 Big H paste float on 0.20 Hybrid power mono to a 0.18mm Cenex bottom and again a tubertinin 175 but this time a size 5. This was rigged on a 17H elastic through a heavy tension puller kit and a paste pot was put on the very end of the kit next to the bush.

My plan was simple, I would feed the meat line at the all in then fish the island for 2 hours, then hopefully the carp would be on the meat line and in the last 2 hours I would plunder the margins. So the all in sounded and out went ½ a pot of hemp and 6mm meat onto the chosen spot then I cast the method to within inches of the island, I was watching Chris still cupping in bait on his spots when my rod wrapped round and Carp number 1 was soon in the net, not that I told anyone!!(MUCH!!)

It was steady for the first couple of hours with the odd carp and skimmer falling to pellet or mini boilie on the hair, the problem I had was the overhanging bushes and a determination to get the feeder really tight to the island. From the start I was also pinging a few 8mm pellets towards the island and after a while I had a look, I would love to say that it was solid but I can’t, I managed a couple of chub but it was soon time to go onto the meat line. By this time the guy opposite had started getting a few carp shallow, he was not setting the world on fire but he was definitely ahead of anybody else, even Chris was getting a few on the pole behind the island. I shipped down to the right with a medium cad pot on the end of my top kit full of hemp and meat, dropped the lot in held onto the rig and after 30 seconds was playing a skimmer, 2 minutes later though it was a carp and at about 3lb it was the start of a good run of fish. I managed around 15 over the next couple of hours interspersed with a few skimmers and proper roach but it was fading fast on me and it was about time to prep my margin. I potted 5 full pots of groundbait, meat and hemp in down on the edge line then I cast the method back to the island, that didn’t work but the waggler gave me a couple of quick fish before they backed off again.

It was time so I shipped my paste rig off and down the edge, the float settled perfectly on the slope and after a count of 85 the float disappeared, followed after the strike by around 10 of proper elastic, there was an over flow pipe in the middle of my swim and it was interesting to play the fish around it but I soon had an absolute HORSE in the landing net. Next put in and the same result but with a slightly smaller fish and then the same on the third put in, I had managed over 30lb of carp in 3 put ins near enough so I knew what was going to be my main line for the last period of the match.

I topped up after every 3 proper indications and this kept the fish in my swim until the all out, I managed to land about 8 carp for around 60lb over that period but they were alot harder to come by at the end as I ran out of groundbait.

The all in saw me a very happy boy as I knew that I had done alright and reckoned that I had around 140lb of fish, Chris thought that he had 50lb and a wager was set on top weight, top silvers and closest guess (well I had to give him a chance), the guy to his right weighed first with 96lb, Chris had 85lb!! Then it was around to me and 5 weighs saw 135lb 11oz on the scales helped alot by this little beauty at 15lb 10oz.

Many thanks to Rich for running it and I hope to go back soon.

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