09 November 2013

Jefferies Cup 2013

It was off to march for the annual Jefferies Cup competition, I was picked up by Chri Glover at 0330 and off we trundled, we made good time and even with a quick stop off to refuel we arrived in plenty of time. Plenty of banter was had at the draw venue and it was soon to business, Jon Hatch was B team captain for the day and he returned to Bri, Daz and myself peg 2, I got A section as I was car sharing with gloves so off we went.
Parking was simple, and we soon found our pegs, Gloves was on 12, which was in a far better area but we went a quid any way. It was made worst when the REF angler to my left who had helped to peg it in the morning and had been told that we were in the worst end of the section.
 On the whole the peg looked alright, but I had a small problem as I had only packed rigs for a proper river, the swim was 4 ft down the middle and my lightest rig was 0.75g, I set this and a 1.5g up in case it towed a bit, both Dino Premiers on 0.12mm main line and a 0.08mm bottom to a size 20 hook. I decided to fish ground bait down the middle so I mixed 3Kg of bait and then looked down the peg for a worm line next to the cabbages on the inside. This rig was 0.18-0.14  and a size 14 hook, under a 0.7g slim float. Finally I plumbed up across and tight to the boat, it was a little shallow so I pulled back half a section and put on a bread line with the same line and hooks as the ground bait line, but a smaller 0.6g float.
At the all in (that was 15 minutes earlier than I was expecting) I fed 3 balls of ground bait with squatt, pinkie and hemp in at 10M, then I potted a small ball of licky across with half a pot of hemp.  I went straight on to the ground bait line and started to catch straight away nothing massive but it was a fish a put in, I found that by chopping and changing hook baits as well as the depth I was able to string a few better fish together from time to time. About an hour in I fed the worm line with 4 lobs finely chopped through a bait dropper, and 10 minutes later I was pulling out 4 perch to 6 oz for nearly a pound in short order.
At about half one what flow there had been disappeared and I was left with rigs too heavy to really catch but by chopping and changing around all three swims and hook baits and depths I was able to keep fish going in the net. The afternoon was miserable with trashed rigs, rain and swans causing havoc so when the all out was called I was quite happy to finish.
To cut a long story short I had 6lb 15 1/2oz for 9th in section, I got beaten on both sides (by 1 1/2oz to my left) but I managed to get a quid off Gloves. Army A managed 4th but we were well down the running. Always next year.

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