02 August 2016

Royal Signals Championship day 2, 21/07/16

This was a case of the morning after the day before, I was off to a new lake called the Grebe where all I had heard was tales of monsters, so since I had only picked up 3 points the day before I was going to target the aforementioned monsters.
At the draw it soon became clear that some people had golden fingers as all the section winners from the day before pulled out the pegs that the other section winners had had before!!  I had peg 1 in my hand and that was received by lots of groans, by everyone else and I was told as usual that it was a flyer.

I got to my peg and discovered that it actually looked very good, I had a small bay to my right that I would be fishing on the far bank off, there was a nice margin under a tree to my right and loads of open water to my left that was alive with chunky carp.  The plan was a method to the far bank, short pole to the left, margin to the right and I also decided to fish shallow at 13m towards the open water as alot of good sized carp were cruising in the area, being helped by a pleasure angler fishing floaters in front of me.  I also set up a mugging rig as it would have been rude not to.

I had my tackle and bait sorted and ready for the all in and the match started, my day went according to plan almost with around 12 carp coming on the method, although none of them were any size. The margins were a let-down with only crucians to show on paste under the tree. I only had small fish on the short pole as well, but I did manage to mug a couple of bigger carp shallow.

Comer the all-out I reckoned that I had around 120lb of fish and since I was on scales we would find out last, Jenks had been in my section although I had only been able to watch the wrong half section because of where my peg faced, he was admitting to another good day, which to be honest was a bit of a worry.  His nets went 42.750 KG and that was a good net of fish, again he had kept it simple and it had payed off for him.  He was the best weight until we got all the way back to my peg, I was out slightly on my guesstimate though and only weighed 46Kg, so it was still enough to pip Jenks…. Sorry mate.

Overall it was not enough for me to save the two days as both Greg and Craig had perfect 2 point scores , Greg pipped it slightly on weight, then it was Jenks on 3 points, then Kev, Me, Adi and Alfie all tied on 4 points with count back and weight deciding the order.  Greg also took the team trophy with Pez so it was a good championships for him.

Thankyou DJ for running it with you capable team and well done with the last minute change of venue.  Roll on next year now so I can win the trophy for a 4th time.

What would I do differently?
Shallow fishing was not the way to go on that lake and I spent too much time trying to make it work,that said though I did win my section and come second on the lake so it wasn’t all bad.

Tackle used:
Pole short:
Elastic: Green Clomic
Line: 0.19mm to 0.17mm
Hook: 5 T175
Float: 4X10 Big H paste

Pole dobbing:
Elastic: blue Colmic
Line: 0.19mm to 0.15mm
Hook: 18 Guru Pellet wag with baitstop
Float: 0.4g Crystal dibber

Pole Shallow:
Elastic: blue Colmic
Line: 0.19mm to 0.15mm
Hook: 18 Guru Pellet wag with baitstop
Float: 0.2g Crystal dibber

Pole Margin:
Elastic: 17H yellow
Line: 0.19mm to 0.17mm
Hook: 5 T175
Float: JON Margin Paste 4X12

Rod: Drennan series 7 10ft carp feeder
Reel: Daiwa TDM 3012
Line: 8lb sensor to 0.19mm
Hook: 14 QM1
Feeder: 24g large guru method feeder

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