05 February 2017

Carpy Catch up January 17

The beginning of January was proper winter fishing, due to most of the lakes in the area being frozen it started with a trip to the Avon where I managed to get a nice morning of roach fishing on the tip and float, I took my video camera and it can be found here:

The following week however there was a small low front that I had to get onto the club lake for, it was a long cold night with not even a liner to show for it… it was time for a rethink.

Once again the lakes were frozen or at least not too appealing that weekend, so the plan was for a trip to the Avon chasing Grayling and dace, I managed a few and had a nice morning.

Next week saw me getting away for a Wednesday afternoon, with the weather being rubbish.. High pressure and clear skies I decided on a trip to Todber Manor, I fished on one of their new match lakes and managed a few small carp. (ok tiny).  The video is below but misses out on the part where John the fishery owner laughed at me for having to don my waders and try to remove a snag.  It turned out to be an umbrella!!!  Fought well on a 0.24mm Powerline hooklength.
There is a special message at the end aswell.

Due to the cold weather the lakes were frozen again for the last couple of weekends, I ended up on the river both times and had some nice fish but I really need to catch a carp again soon.

Only a short blog but until next month, Tight lines.

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