28 May 2012

AAF Gp2 Match 7, Viaduct, 16/05/2012

Only 40 anglers booked in to fish the latest round of the AAF Gp 2 league, so the pegging was split with the 3 sections across Campbell and Cary. Due to family commitments I was a little late I the morning, a fact that John took much pleasure in, but I still managed to get an excellent breakfast from the new cafe on site. I did the team draw and managed to put Pez on 130, new team mate Nick (Knocker) White on 90 odd and myself into the corner on 74. This was not a bad team draw and I was very happy when all the time during setting up I had big carp cruising in front of my peg.

As you can see that was not the only redeeming feature but I decided to be quite single minded in my approach as the carp did not seem to be in a very co operative mood just mooching about so I would need to find the feeding fish. To this end my main line of attack was paste both at 13m alongside the tree at about 1 o’clock and under the branches tight in to the right again at 13m. I set up a 5m Meat line in case they fancied going there and I also put up a dobbing rig to try and mug a couple of the cruisers. Just before the all in I also grabbed a pellet wag rod from the van to try mugging a bit further out.

The all in was called and I fed my paste lines with a mix of pellet and hemp before putting an 8mm cube of meat on the mugging rig and I dropped that on the water 4 times next to the tree. It would have been more but an 8lb carp had decided to eat it and run into open water, my blue reflex elastic allowed it to do that but I was still in control and soon had it in the net. I tried that again thinking the day would be easy but the second fish laughed at my choice of tackle and ran straight into the branches of the tree and snapped my 0.20mm mainline by rubbing it down. That was the end of the flurry and it became a springtime grind, I rotated through my 3 deck lines and having the odd look at cruising fish but I only managed to snare another 2 carp and a few skimmers on meat for a total of 33lb 8oz. This is not alot for Viaduct but as the scales went around the lakes it was obviously an off day, unfortunately I had lost 2 carp all day and these would prove to be costly, especially as I was in the split section with pegs 110-115 of Campbell being mixed in with 74-85 on Cary. All bar one of the pegs on Campbell beat my weight as it fished slightly better, and the bottom end of Cary had seen a few more carp come in so I managed 7th in my 14 peg section. On the plus side I did beat both sides and opposite so it was not too bad, and I got to watch Paul Greenwood of the fishery staff recover a pole section that someone ‘who shall remain nameless’ decided to use as a plummet.

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