06 May 2014

3/05/14 MFS withy day 1, Barnmoor

This was my first time on this event and I had been warned that it was a bit of a giggle, I managed to get to the fishery in time for a breakfast and found a few friendly faces scattered around, I was going to be on Barnmoor for the day so I was hoping for an island chuck as the sun was out and the carp would be up in the water.  Once Sconee arrived we did the draw and peg 1 was going to be my home for the day, I was not too happy as it was at the wrong end of the lake and I didn’t have an island chuck, so the plan was simple.

Just to the left of the swim there was a small shelf that I plumbed up at the base of, the rig was yellow Hydro, a 4X14 MW F1 slim Carbon, 0.16mm Cenex mainline, 0.10mm Cenex hooklength to a size 16 B911 F1. I was going to feed groundbait, pellet and dead maggot on that line, my next line was down the edge to my left in front of an empty platform and paste was the plan for here. The rig was a MB Jakey Marmeow on 0.20mm mainline and a 0.18mm Cenex hooklength, the hook was a size 5 Tubertini 175 and elastic was green Reflex.  Due to the number of carp cruising it would be rude not to have a mugging rig set up, a 0.5g Drennan Carp 4 dibber, 0.18mm mainline, 0.16mm hooklength and a 16 PR36 hook. Elastic this time was Blue Reflex due to the size of the fish cruising around in front of me.

The all in was called and I fed half a pot of hemp and meat at 4m under the tree to my right, 3 balls of groundbait onto the skimmer line and finally I fed half a pot of hemp and pellet down on the edge line. I went straight under the tree at 4m to no avail so after 10 minutes of not a lot I shipped out onto the skimmer line with double dead red. It wasn’t solid from the start but I got a few indications straight away closely followed by a few small skimmers, then as I started to chop and change through hookbaits I managed a couple of bigger skimmers to around the 2lb mark, but, I couldn’t keep them coming in any numbers.  The guys to my right seemed to be getting bigger and more fish leaving myself and Sconee on peg 18 with not a lot to play with, there were carp cruising down our end of the lake but try as I might I was unable to mug one, I think I need some more practice at it.

I was starting to enjoy all the banter flying around the lake, namely as I wasn’t taking the brunt of it but unfortunately due to the weather the fishing was proper rats:

The In desperation with about an hour and a half to go I started up a new line at 16m that I fed with hemp and meat in an attempt to get one of the cruising carps head down, there had been a few carp out around by the island and the peg that I had practiced on last week seemed to be doing the business. The rig for here was a 4X10 MW carp slim, 0.18 to 0.14mm line, a size 2 T175 and yellow Reflex elastic.  I rotated between the skimmer, new meat and margin line for the last hour for a handful of skimmers and thankfully that was it the match was over.

Being on peg 1 I had also picked up the scales and for Sconee and myself it was a tale of woe, he had about 18lb and I had 21lb, Bez had done well off 13 for around 35lb, 17lb 1oz of which was 1 carp taken on the wag, Lewy had also caught well against the aerator for second and finally the Bard had managed nearly 40 pound from the island, including a gib prac. (Big carp backwards!!).

Still the snake tomorrow so let’s see what that brings.

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