03 July 2016

Knock up Todber Manor Hill view 23 Jun 16

Today started with a proper giggle as we had all slept over in a variety of tents/ bivvies at the fishery ready for the knock up this morning, I awoke to find Pez sleeping under the stars due to his tent mates snoring (Craig) and this set the tone for the morning.  We waited for John to come in as we were supposed to have Whitepost lower for our knock up but we decided to see if we could get it moved onto Hillview lake, the answer was yes so whilst John sorted the pegging we all disappeared off for a breakfast at the local farm shop.
We were all soon back at the shop waiting for the draw and the numbers that I wanted were in the 50’s, so when I pulled 37 out of the hat I was not too happy, but with an island chuck and loads of room for margin lines it wouldn’t be too bad I thought.

I started to decide on a simple plan but that was complicated by the fact that I had got my mits on some caster the day before so a shallow line was going in somewhere, I also set up a waggler and feeder for the island and then plumbed up a short paste line and a couple of margin lines.  I was ready for the all in and I decided to start on the method whilst priming my shallow lines.  The method was a slow start but I started to get a few fish after about half an hour or so, all the time I was watching Craig along the bank to my left as he was fishing shallow and would be my guide to when |I would give it a go.  It was after about another ten minutes and as Craig was netting another better fish I decided to have a look on the shallow caster line.
In ten minutes I managed 3 roach and a tiny carp so since I was catching the odd 2-4lber on the tip I threw the rig up the bank and gave it a pot of pellet as it was the same depth there as my short paste line.
Back on the tip however and the swim started to get stronger and stronger, I was catching steadily all day but due to the makeup of the lake I was struggling with liners and fish knocking the feeder down the far slope.  To try and alleviate this I tried heavier feeders and casting further up the slope and although the fish followed the food and the feeder would sit still the splash seemed to spook them out for the swim for longer and it still took longer for a bite.
Coming into the last hour and a half as I was getting frustrated I decided to try my pole lines, this was a mistake in hindsight but as again I started chasing the fish that I could see down the edge, but I did get a few good fish on a shallow rig pushed tight in down the edge over pellet and I also managed to mug a couple of carp short as well.
The all-out was called and I although I had caught well for long periods I thought that I had blown it as both Craig and Pez had strong last parts of the match, fortunately the scales showed that I had just done enough to hang on for the win.  We did the results in the car park and then parted our separate ways, Craig, Pez and I needed to sort our lives out for the Inter services next week but more of that in a minute.

What would I have done differently?
I should not have come off the method in the last hour and I think I was targeting the fish too far up the shelf at the end in too shallow water.

Tackle used:
Pole Long and short Paste:
Elastic: Preston 17H
Line: 0.19mm to 0.17mm Powerline
Hook: 5 Tubertini 175
Float: 4X10 Big H Paste

Pole Long shallow:
Elastic: White Hydro
Line: 0.19mm to 0.13mm Powerline
Hook: 20 Guru Pellet wag
Float: 0.2g Drennan crystal dibber

Pole Margin:
Elastic: Red Vespe
Line: 0.19mm powerline to 0.17mm Powerline
Hook: 5 Tibertini 175
Float: KC Carpa Margin

Rod: Drennan series 7 Carp feeder 10ft.
Reel: Daiwa TDM 3012
Line: 8lb sensor 0.19mm hooklength
Hook: 14 QM1
Feeder: various Guru feeders, Hybrid, method and pellet

Rod: Drennan Ultralight 12ft
Reel: Daiwa TDM 3012
Line: 4lb sensor 0.17mm hooklength
Hook: 18 Guru Pellet wag
Float: 3.5g Drennan crystal pellet wag

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