07 December 2013

ATWL practice, 17/11/13

This was a quick practice open before the main event next week, the sections were on Marlborough waters so I had half an idea what to expect. The draw saw me off to the Farmers section and I was on peg 3 so I had 3 pegs to my left and 2 to my right, both of the pegs to my right had good far bank features as did the peg to my left so I was aiming for 4th in section straight away.

I decided on a simple match and plumbed up a bread rig at 5m, 2 squat rigs for 10m and a 2 worm rigs for the track and the far bank. At the all in a ball of licky went in, 4 balls of groundbait and 10 chopped worms and a few caster across the far bank. 
I managed 20 fish off the bread line before I had to move across but Pike put paid to me having a really good day and after I would get a better fish there would be a strike over my squatt line and then tiny fish would appear for 10-20 minutes. I tried both worm lines to rest my main line but I had no indications at all on either rig, I did however, get a few fish on bread in the last 30 minutes but it was not enough. I ended up with 108 fish for 4lb 12.5 oz for 3rd in my section of 6 behind a big 5lb and a 6lb weights from the trees to my right.

I learnt alot that would hopefully help out the team for next week.

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