19 January 2014

19/01/2014 Viaduct WL Rd 1

Today was the first round of the Viaduct WL, 95 of some of the best anglers in the south west descend across the whole complex on a random draw.  The team for the day was myself, Trev, Mick, Steve and Ivan and the draw saw me off to peg 8 on Spring.

If you are wondering why the picture is looking down to the right of the swim, it is because that is where I pointed my box whilst setting up as that is where I got told all the fish are. He plan was simple dob all the way down to the trees and hopefully sack up. The reality was a little different.
At the all-in I shipped down section by section with my dobbing rig that consisted of 0.20mm line straight through to a size 2 Tubertini 175, 16 solid elastic and a MW Pro Power Shallow 4 no 10. Hookbait was an 11m punch of bread and over the course of the first hour I had zero indications, so I set up a waggler rod and started to cast double maggot under the branches, this again was to no avail and at the end of the second hour I was starting to get a little emotional shall we say.
It was at this point that I had a little divine inspiration, (thanks Paul), and I quickly plumbed up a new rig to fish at 13m down to the right in line with one of the pilings where I found a small slope.  The rig was a MB WAC ‘O’ 0.2g on 0.18mm mainline and a 0.16mm Cenex bottom, again it was a 175 in size 2 to terminate the rig but I scaled down the elastic to a Blue Reflex.  I attached a small pot to the end of the section and shipped down to the spot with about 10 caster and 3 grains of corn for feed and a grain of corn on the hook, not a lot happened so I decided to see if I could get a Roach or Perch. I shipped down and fed with the same again but his time with double caster on the hook, I waited about a minute and the float dinked under, I was attached to Carp number 1 who went on a bee line for the trees to my right. I was able to turn it into open water with steady pressure and the fight was all but over, 14lb of pristine mirror in the onion sack and I was a happy bunny again.
The next bite saw me get the fish out of the snags and then it dropped off for no reason, number 3 ended up in the net but then that was it for indications on that line for 15 minutes so I decided to rest it for a while. This is where my throwaway line came in and I had been feeding a 5m meat line since the all in, I shipped the rig over the top, a 4 no.8 MW Carp Slim on 0.18-0.14 and a size 1 Tubertini 175, again on Blue Reflex. The sun was problematic and I decided that whilst the rig was there that I would get some grub in so I fed about 20 cubes of meat and no sooner that the third pinch hit the water than the float dipped, a quick lift saw the elastic tearing out and an unseen force made a run for the trees again.  Once again, steady pressure prevailed and I was soon slipping the net under another mid double carp, now I would love to say that in the last 2 hours I continued to catch but I can’t.  Despite rotating and resting swims I lost a foul hooker and another fish dropped off by the net from the long line (yes I had changed the hooklength) and I also managed a small roach to warrant putting the silvers net in.
That was it, Ken in peg 9 had had a bad day and I asked how the pegs to his left had fished, it turned out that it had been a grueller for most unless you were sat on peg 3, 4 and 5, Peg 5 having 140lb+.  My 3 carp and a 2oz Roach went 37lb 3oz:

This was enough for 3rd in section, so a great start again to my league. I am on Campbell in a fortnight and that is real underwater bingo at the moment so fingers crossed for that, team on the day came 12th out of the 19 with myself and Steve doing alright but the rest of the Guys struggling to get amongst the fish. Full section results can be seen here: http://silverfoxangling.blogspot.co.uk/

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