25 January 2014

25/01/2014 Golden Pond Open

So it was off to Golden Pond for the second time ever and first time in a match, I picked John up nice and early (ish, I may have been 5 minutes late) and then to the fishery all of ten minutes away. We were welcomed by quite a sight as out of the seven or so anglers already there 5 of them were members of the Browning Andover MG squad. In attendance were Keith, Stu, Tommy Gerry and Les, plus John and I made 7 and this was more than half the total anglers for the day. As always there was a sausage bap and a brew and then the important business of taking the mickey out of each other started, in fact the banter was in full flow all day.
I drew peg 4 out of the bag and since the pegs are not permanently numbered I was halfway up the left hand bank from the clubhouse, next to the aerator. Normally this would not affect me but the last match had been won by dobbing bread under the aerator from the other bank, so that was swim number 1 sorted.

The second line I decided on to start was going to be at 11.5m at about 11 o’clock and then I plumbed up a line down the edge to fish a throwaway meat line, well that was the plan but things did not go well for me. I started dobbing at mid depth for an early carp but got no indications, neither did Keith pegged opposite who was fishing to the other side of the aerator. So after 15 minutes I was trying to catch a fantail over the top of my pellet line at 11.5m, I was feeding 3 grains of corn and 10 4mm pellet every time I had an indication, so I fed very rarely. 
After a couple of hours that had seen me loose a foul hooked carp and not a lot else I decided to start trickling a little caster and corn by the aerator, this resulted in a roach of nearly a pound and later I managed to add a fantail whilst exploring the swim with a pellet, but the fish did not seem to be on my side of the lake. I was watching Keith and John on the far bank duke it out , keith was catching decent carp down the edge on pellet and John  was taking big fantails on 4mm meat on a variety of lines.  I had also gone a quid with Stu and he was winning that battle from two pegs to my left with a brace of massive perch and a roach.
For me the all-out could not come fast enough, Stu weighed nearly 8lb with his Perch going 4lb and 3lb+, so I lost a quid there.

My 2 fish went 2lb, John had 25lb ( another quid) and Keith won the day with 33lb, in all it was a slow but enjoyable day and I will return for my revenge on the fish, although my plan has changed slightly now that I have fished the place under match conditions and I have a better understanding of how it fishes.  Next week is a double whammy with Withy and Viaduct, let’s hope that it doesn't get too cold. 

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