15 January 2014

Golden Pond pole try out. 15/01/2014

It is sometimes a hard life being in the army, so as I was driving out of camp at half twelve on my 'sporty' I was happy that this was not one of those times.  I decided today to try 2 new things out, a venue, Golden Pond fishery and a pole My Zitan Ultra Power that I bought as a margin pole.
As I arrived at the fishery I was surprised to see that I would be on my own so I took 20 minutes to have a good walk around and decided where to plonk the box for the next couple of hours.  I decided on a peg about halfway up the bank away from the car park and took three trips to get all my kit there without a barrow.  I thought that it would be easier as the level was about 6 inches over the top of a couple of the platforms, so it was well up and easier to do a couple of trips.

I didn't take me long to set up as I decided on 2 lines,l one in open water with light gear to fish pellet and a margin line, but on plumbing up I discovered that the swim was a bit like a billiard table and the same depth almost everywhere, it only came up about 6 inches tight into the margin it also did not produce so that is the last I shall say about that line. I did however, find a slight depression at 13m to my right so that was where I was going to fish my pellet line. I set up a 14X11 MX F1 Slim 

with a small bulk and a couple of droppers, 0.16mm mainline to a0.10mm bottom and an 18 Tubertini 808.
Elastic was doubled 4, this provides a very soft elastic that will give you plenty of control as it won't stretch as far as hollow, it is also lighter than a hollow elastic which is always handy as it helps to improve pole control.
I decided to keep my bait simple for the day as well, with a few dampened 4mm pellet, some corn and a few 4mm and 6mm expanders.
So my day began quite slow and the first 20 minutes saw very little happening, I had fed 3 grains of corn and 20 pellet in the kinder cup at the start and had topped up once, i just got a couple of small indications on a corn hookbait before the float dinked under.  A few minutes later carp number 1 was in the net and he was soon followed by his twin again on corn.
This was when thing started to get a bit surreal and all of a sudden I was unable to hit the bites that I was getting and I was getting loads of slight indications that i was lifting at as they seemed like bites. However, the answer was soon found when I swapped to a 4mm pellet and tweaked the feeding a little, soon one of the culprits was in the net.

This was the start of a purple period where I landed 8 more goldfish including some fantails up to about a pound and a half, throughout this the pole behaved impeccably, in fact I could happily use it for a full match as long as I am not trying to fish further than 13m out, I had the other top kit set with a big heavy hollow through a power kit and this affected the performance noticeably. But that was expected, the sections are solid and I have no fears putting the strongest elastic through the top kits.
In conclusion I had a great couple of hours with 2 Common carp and about 10 goldfish to 1 1/2lb saw me landing double figures in about 2 and a half hours. The elastic performed brilliantly on all the fish and the ple was brilliant for the money. (Where were they 10 yrs ago when I was getting back into fishing?)
Till the next time tight lines.

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