25 July 2014

Another Carp Hunt

I managed a couple of sessions after some proper carp, the first was to Todber, I went on Little Haynes and started around the back of one of the islands, with the wind hacking down into the corner to my right it looked really good for a bite or two.

However the carp had other ideas and a guy who had turned up at the same time for a day session was quickly into his 4th carp. This was enough for me and I upped sticks and dropped in a couple of pegs to his left in the open water.

By fishing CCMoore live system boiles in small pva bags and feeding upto 20, 15mm baits over the top I was soon into my first of about 5 fish upto 18lb.  It was a nice night apart from the rain showers and I would have preferred a few more fish but beggars cannot be choosers.

I followed this up with a trip to Shearwater this time with Tony in tow, we went halfway up the lake and I started on the bottom spoding over the top but this was not the way to go on the day.

 I could see carp starting to cruise about so I plumbed the depth with the marker rod and sent out a couple of long zigs, one at 8ft and another at 10 feet long. This resulted in 5 carp and a number of bream on a variety of hookbaits. The spod mix was quite interesting as it was a mix of Friture groundbait, crushed pellet, crushed expander, crushed pop ups and my normal spod mix.  The aim awas to get the fish up so I fed every 2-4 minutes with a couple of spods that as you can see from the photo above created a good slick.

I was even able to feed some ducklings up on it.

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